Break free Lifestyle Plan

Want to learn how to eat healthy in easy, realistic and convenient ways? Sick of trying different diets that are unstainable and hard to stay on long term?

The break-free lifestyle plan is intuitive eating meets breaking free from culture diet to help you create healthy lifestyle changes and see the results you want. 

Monthly Subscription  $19.99

This monthly subscription offers a new customized plan every month tailored to the needs of busy women.

Annual  $190 (20%) off

Our annual subscription offers all 12 break free plans, plus 2 exclusive plans not offered anywhere else. 

Ashley, 35 

"I used to dread running, but after starting the Level 1 Running program I love it. Those run workouts are ow the highlight of my week"

Image by Anthony Metcalfe

Maria, 55

When I first started I struggled to catch my breath walking around the store running errands. After completing the 10 week walk to run program I can now run 1 mile without having to stop. I even find myself parking further away from the storeentrance just to get extra steps in for the day"

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 12 topics within the Break-Free Plan?

How does the Break-Free Lifestyle Plan work?

How is this different from a diet?

  • Breakfast basics

  • Lunch & Dinner basics

  • Snacking & when to eat

  • Mental Health & Resilience

  • Meditation, Yoga and Reiki 

  • Exercise & Nutrition

  • Hunger & Fullness

  • Eating Out & Alcohol

  • Emotional Eating & Indulging 

  • Results

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone

  • Extended Education & myths debunked

We offer two options. A monthly subscription where you receive our customized email with that month's modules, recipes, and information.


purchase all 12 modules and receive an aditional 2 modules not offered anywhere else in  an easy, downloadable PDF to refer to at any time. 

 As a family-based, female-led team we know the struggles and hardships that come with traditional diets. So we took the time, did our research, consulted professionals, and designed a plan that sets you up for success! Our Break-Free Plan was designed to be incorporated into your life NOT dictate it. We teach you how to create healthy meals, incorporate exercise in an enjoyable way and even build mental resiliency.