Why I Guarantee to Never, Ever "Recruit" You ..... [ This is an MLM-Free Space)

Multi-level marketing has been a hot topic in the circles I run in. Sometimes to critique the products’ quality, but most of the time it’s concern over how the company runs and it’s ethics.

In the last year and a half it’s become increasingly common to see folks jumping on the band-wagon of these, with the promise of making a really good income on the side while working from home or guaranteeing unrealistic results . All you have to do is post about it on Facebook and message your friends.


MLM’s hurt people, friendships, your wallet and your trust/integrity. I’m so sorry if you’re just getting out of the grind from one. These companies’ manipulation techniques and stories of Ex-MLM pain, frustration and guilt are all over (just take a quick google or reddit) as well as numerous healing spaces online to connect with other people who have '“gotten out.”

Let me get this straight. You’re promised riches but you don’t get any, and then you have to “break out” in order to get your sanity back? That’s not a business, it’s mind manipulation so the guys on top can make more money (sound familiar?) So when you’re told “It’s not a pyramid scheme” but your gut tells you something doesn’t feel right…. It’s not right. Listen to your gut.

Sometimes the products are good, sometimes they are dangerous (for instance: please don’t eat essential oils. It messes with your gut biome, where our most essential immunity cells lie.) Sometimes they have pretty packaging that sells. And sometimes the companies get sued for them.

Better safe than sorry (just say no.)

The point is, they are always marketed quick fixes. And we just don’t play around with that in here - the culture of my teachings and coaching is the hard truth that THERE SIMPLY IS NO QUICK FIX. My clients know it, you know it, your dog knows it. Quick fix products use up a lot of resources (that doesn’t help the planet) in the meantime. What do we know for sure? There is no such thing as a quick fix. And yet we fall for it over and over. The next one won’t be “the one” … neither will the one after that. The weight they promise you’ll lose will come back. The health problems they promise to cure wont’ be fixed - maybe temporarily changed - but if the root cause (emotional healing, hydration/diet and exercise) isn’t addressed you simply will not find healing in the bottom of that bottle.

Break that cycle.

Shifting from focus on healing, health and happiness rather than a number on the scale makes weight loss easier, removing you from the guilt and pain cycle than get-weight-loss-fast-fixes sell you.

Since 2012 when I started noticing I was getting daily e-mail messages for everything from vitamins to shakes to weight loss supplement programs, I have made it very clear that I do not participate in multi-level marketing gimmicks of any kind in my business. I wanted my coaching business to be clear, actionable guiding, facilitating and lifestyle tweaks, not quick-fixes. I wanted folks to do the real work that would make their nutrition sustainable and simpler, not about taking costly magic mixes to clear up problems that could potentially be balanced with real-life wellness needs: better sleep, drinking more water, eating whole foods and exercising.

Then in 2019 the e-mails shifted from health products to cannabis products.

Kindly, no thank you.

As for followers, I absolutely promise you I will never try to get you on my upline or sell you a monthly box of STUFF to try, and I will never sell you products that are made unethically in their marketing or ingredients. That is my guarantee.

-Health Coach K

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