But How Will I Get My Calcium (Answered!!!)

Truth bomb: You don’t need to drink milk to get your calcium!!!

This fallacy from the past is outdated. We know better, and it needs to be simple common knowledge now.

So here’s what we know now.

There are many health plant-powered calcium sources that you can eat, and they aren't supplements either


Yes, we need calcium. Calcium is an essential nutrient. But we don’t need a mega-TON of it. It’s simply another mineral that we need, it’s not more or less important than potassium, iron or magnesium.

But non-dairy sources of calcium such as broccoli, kale, collard greens, and non-dairy, calcium-fortified beverages provide adequate calcium without any of the health, ethical, or environmental detriments associated with milk consumption. You can also get adequate amounts of calcium from eating canned salmon, beans and tofu.

We’ve been told healthy aging will be threatened and our abilities will decline if we don’t get enough calcium. But there are so many other parts of the puzzle that are missing from that statement. We need all the minerals we get from whole foods, not just one of them, as well as proper amounts of vitamins, fiber, enzymes, omega 3’s, antioxidants, clean water, sleep, passion and exercise for healthy aging.

-Health Coach K


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