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Our mission is to play a crucial role in improving health and happiness, and through that process, create a ripple affect that transforms the world.

About Kristina
The Holistic Healer

What started in a small home office in Anchorage, Alaska has now become an online resource

for women all over the world to learn and manage their health and wellness through an

integrative, whole-body healing approach. 



As a child, I was born with a heart defect that required extensive heart surgery. As I got older, uncontrollable issues arose which led to me receiving a pacemaker at the age of 17 as well as multiple diagnoses that restricted life and would eventually lead to another open-heart surgery. Not only did this terrify me, but it left me feeling like I was out of control of my own body.

After countless nights of research, unanswered questions, and a lack of faith in my medical team, I finally took matters into my own hands. I set out on my healing journey and became a Health & Wellness Coach to better understand how to empower and motivate myself, overcome obstacles and create sustainable lifestyle changes. I studied Nutrition so I could learn how to have a healthy relationship with food and better understand how to use food to heal my body, not just fuel it.

I became a Reiki Master and learned Energy Healing Therapy to target my internal energy

\system to promote my body's natural healing abilities. And, most recently I completed a Pre/Postnatal & Pre/Postmenopause Coaching Certification so I could better understand female anatomy, learn how our natural cycles affect us and how we change through each stage of our life as we age.

So the question is did it work......ABSOFUCKINGLUTLY!!! I have not only put off my open heart surgery to an unknown date far into the future, but my symptoms have drastically decreased. I can live a normal functioning life all without being tied down to horrible diets, limiting medical restrictions, or a life that is out of my control.

I created this business to help other women who may be going through similar experiences to mine or are maybe missing something in their life and need someone to truly listen to them and understand their struggles. Here at The Holistic Healer, we are passionate about helping women heal their Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit through holistic-based therapy & alternative medicine.


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The Holistic Healers is an LLC of the state of North Dakota #0005396785

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